Lil Dicky – Professional Rapper Album (Zip Download)

Lil Dicky – Professional Rapper Album (Zip Download)

Despite increasing propensity, Caucasian manhood is a double-edged sword for aspiring emcees. On one hand, there’s a built-in audience driven to see themselves represented within the world’s coolest culture.

On the flip, white rappers bare the brunt of skepticism and scorn mostly on the grounds of genetic makeup, a reverse discrimination of sorts from any number of judges.

It’s commonly accepted that The Beastie Boys handled their burden well and Vanilla Ice was a laughing stock. Since their heyday, the likes of Eminem, Mac Miller, Yung Lean, Spooky Black and Macklemore have faced accusations of tourism alongside their accolades.

Lil Dicky is the latest spectacle to have his whiteness examined under Hip Hop’s ever so reactionary magnifying glass.

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